Where it all began?

Ray at the Tower of London. 1983 or 1984

I can’t remember the exact year, it was either 1983 or 1984.  It was  our first trip abroad and London was our first stop.  While I don’t remember the year I can remember so many other details about that trip.  I certainly remember the excitement I felt from being in this vibrant city.  I’m sure that we saw other tourist sights prior to going to the Tower of London, but for some reason, it is that place that has stuck in my mind all these years.  I think it was that trip that kicked of a life-long passion for travel.



The Tower of London and one of Ray's final resting places

Because of these memories, I returned to The Tower this morning with some of Ray’s ashes to leave behind in a spot as close to the one in the picture as I could get.  There have been a couple of spots along the way that have been impromptu decisions but this place was in my head before I ever left Los Angeles over 4.5 months ago.

I still think of  you everyday Ray.  I don’t think that will ever end.

London Natural History Museum. (My friend, Catherine, is a volunteer here.)


The London Natural History Museum: Interior.


This scene just looked so "London" to me.


7 thoughts on “Where it all began?

  1. Oh Raymond, I miss you too…hit me right in the heart when I opened your Blog to see him staring back at me. After some weepy eyes I felt compelled to add a thought, always in my heart as a supberb friend.

  2. Randy, Thanks for the update and reminder of what a special person Ray will always be. I think of him often and all the pleasant times and laughs we shared.

  3. I miss Raymond too. I miss his visits here and his phone calls. And I’ll never forget the great time I had with the two of you on my visit to L.A. You guys were so great I had such a wonderful time. I still think of the good meals you made. Wish I could cook half as good.
    Thank you again.
    Love Manette

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