Easter Sunday, Amsterdam

The setting couldn’t be more beautiful nor the weather more glorious.  Easter Sunday in Amsterdam is certainly a laid back and peaceful affair.  Nary a sign of Easter bunnies or colored eggs here, people are much more grown up than that.  Even the children I suppose.

I haven’t gone to see any of the sights here yet and there are several:  Anne Frank’s house, Rembrandt’s house, the Van Gogh Museum, etc.  I have been completely satisfied by walking;  walking for hours.  When I’m not walking, I’m sitting at a little sidewalk cafe or on a park bench just watching the most interesting people walk by.  The streetscape here is addictive and I could just watch it for hours.

This is got to be the most live-and-let-live city I have every visited.

Public urinals. No kidding.

Droopers indeed


2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday, Amsterdam

  1. Amsterdam is definitely my all-time favorite city….although it’s been over 30 years since I was there with Don Jones and Bob Mousaian (who were also a trip!)

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