Subject to Revision

If I’d gone on this journey and not taken anything from it, I would consider that a shame (not to mention the waste of time the incrdible amout of time and money).  So, here it is.   Can I get a “do-over” if I need it.  Things evolve you know.

  1. I’m more like my father than he would have ever wished upon me.
  2. Solitude can be good; just don’t make a habit of it.
  3. There are some alternative views.
  4. Some of the alternative views are pretty good
  5. All people around the world have an
    @sshole.  They will use it.
  6. It’s the people that are important, because they have the potential to become @ssholes.
  7. My goal is to be the least impactful person on this planet.
  8. This too shall pass
  9. 23 degrees C is a good thing
  10. It’s fun to have the Spring sun hit your face and then just imagine stuff.  You must allow several minutes for full results.   That’s the hard part if you’re Type A like I am.

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