On Procrastination

I’ve been meaning to write about procrastination, but have been putting it off.  This seems to be another talent that I have fine tuned as of late.  Yesterday is a good example.  It was chilly, rainy, and windy;  this just seemed to be a perfect day for glorious postponement.  I had about 100 pages left of a suspense thriller I was reading and I found a novel in English here in the apartment that looked interesting.  I had enough food and other essentials that really the only pressure I had was building a nest on the sofa.

I accomplished both the reading and the nesting with aplomb.  I was so comfortable in this arrangementa that I didn’t even shower or shave the entire day.  I made myself a large meal for dinner and just left the dishes in the sink.  I went to bed early.

But today is another day.  It’s “chamber of commerce” weather (sunny, bright, warm, dry, you can see forever) and I’m stinky, the kitchen sink seems to have grown overnight, I’m anxious once again to explore….and there’s no hot water.  So, what’s a procrastinator to do?  First of all we have to deal with this smell that seems to be emanating from me.  The dishes will just have to grow a little larger.

The Italians, universally, have held on to the old-world idea of the bidet.  You know if you heat a little water on the stove, pour it in the bidet, you can wash to most “important” parts.  I’m not sure what it’s really designed for, but this seemed to work for me just fine.  Interestingly enough, the spigot on it is angled in such a way that, well nevermind, the water’s cold, I won’t be doing that again.  That seemed to take care of the bottom half, as for the top half, well, I guess I’ll just have to blend in with the locals.

I mastered the bus today.  I marched right up to a news stand and bought bus tickets in Italian (biglietti autobus), two of them (due, Raymondo would have been proud of me) and I went Fiesole.  It is an Etruscan town founded around the 6th century B.C. and is a lovely place to just stroll around.  But you come here for the views of Florence below.  They’re stunning. It’s 6pm and I still don’t have any hot water.  Lorenzo is supposed to be here shortly.  I hope he’s not a procrastinator too. 

The money shot





Fiesole. It's wonderfully void of hoardes of tourists.


2,500 years old. Amazing.


The will to go on. Even if you don't have hot water.



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