Recent Learnings

1.  You can run and you can also hide.  Don’t let anyone tell  you otherwise.

2.  Hiding is not the answer.  Running, though, remains an option.

3.  You are your own worst enemy.  (Cliche I know)

4.  Towels and sheets get dirty.  Your only choice is when to wash them.

5.  Bad books must be dealt with, good books must me savoured.

6.  English is becoming a “lingua Franca.”  But to really enjoy yourself you need to know how to say please.  You also need to know how to count. 

7.  It’s not enough to be just American any more.  You need something else.

8.  Young people rule.  They always have.

9.  In the absence of friends, acquaintainces will suffice.  For a time.

10.  The world is on to you arrogant ones.


2 thoughts on “Recent Learnings

  1. Are these the conclusions of your world trip? Did you know the Dahlai Lama’s position is open? Now, that would be a good gig for you, Randy!

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