The People I See

Just another photo blog of some of the people I saw today.

Indeed, it was a nice sunny day.

More guys with too much time on their hands.

A boy and his Nana.

No, I didn't cry.

Blonde Italians always stand out to me.


5 thoughts on “The People I See

  1. Thanks for all the photos of Italy. Moto Bene!!

    You know, a Frenchman once confided in me that even he thought Italian cooking was better than French. He went on to say, “It was the Italians that taught the French how to cook.”

  2. Wow, love these photos. They really capture sweet moments. Good eye there, Randy.

    p.s. A cookoff between the French and Italians would be a contest I’d love to dig my fork into.

  3. I LOVE the pic of the white haired man in sunglasses; he looks so dramatically Italian. Hey, will you be continuing the blog post-Memorial Day when you are stateside? (I may have to wean myself from your written perspectives….although I always prefer to experience you in person!)

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