Coming Full Circle

In a few days I will be back in Los Angeles.  Once I arrive there I will have circled the globe and have seen more than I will ever be able to process in a single lifetime.  As I reflect back on my journey I realize how much I’ve learned; how much I’ve progressed; how I’ve changed my world-view.  I’m glad.

Right now I am back where it all really started:  Eastern Kentucky.  When I go back to Los Angeles next Saturday I will have been here for two weeks.  I’ve thought back and I don’t think I’ve been here this long since I left here in the late 70’s.  It just feels fitting that after I have experienced so many cultures, seen so many sights, traveled so many miles, experienced such profound loneliness (and aloneness) that I would arrive back here. 

I have purchased 18 wooded acres about two miles from my parents house.  My late Uncle Don lived here for many years before he died a couple years ago, and I played in the creek and waterfall that runs in front of the house most summers as a child.  For about the past five years the 100-year-old house has sat empty…also alone.  We now have each other I suppose.  I’ve named the property “Hollyweed.”  I sort of like the idea of being the only person I know that splits their time between Hollywood and Hollyweed.

For the past week I have been clearing years old brush and disposing of even older junk.  I even puchased a chain saw of my very own.  I’ve cut one little poplar tree about the diameter of a quarter with it.  It petrifies me.  This too I must overcome I suppose.  I’m tanned, bruised, scratched, unshaven, long-haired, and absolutely thrilled to have this little piece of land where I can’t see another house or hear any road noise.  The nearest neighbor’s driveway is about  1/2 mile away.

It’s remarkable to me that I had to experience so much loss, travel so far, and see so many cultures before I realized what a treasure just being “at home” was.  I’ve come “Full Circle” in many ways I suppose.

"Hollyweed." Old Friendship Road, Williamsport, KY.


It even comes with a harem!


Sort of like "Green Acres." Some days I feel like Oliver. Some days like Lisa.


Just cleaning up a little.


"Hollyweed." Winter view.



9 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle

  1. I am only sending you happy, wonderful, loving thoughts on the yet another new chapter in your life…Hollyweed will Rock!

  2. Love it! I too have to make a journey. It’s through my parents’ lives as I clean out their house. I cleaned out the storage building the other day, but everything in the house is just the way it was the day mom left to go to the doctor and never return. I wish I could have brought her home there at the end, but it was not possible, but I knew that was what she wanted. Call me, sometime. I’m in the book.

  3. Hollyweed is lucky to have you. I am so happy we will get to have you around more often and longer, from now on. So sorry it took so much for you to realize that “home” is a treasure. I will be around next week to check it out, and help you out. Love you Brother

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