Is It Considered Radical to Have a Sabbatical from your Sabbatical?

Dear Readers,

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted here.  Okay, it’s been a really, really long time…I get it.  So.  I will ask your permission if I can start again, you know, a do-over. 

I’m leaving on Saturday for a three-week trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland.  I just returned a couple days ago from a trip to Eastern Kentucky for about the same length.  Actually, these two trips were coordinated to give me as much immersion into these cultures as possible.

I’ve started to write a novel.  I will only say:  some of it takes place in the Highlands of Scotland and the American Colonies of England.  I got off to a great start in March and then hit  a wall.  Thus, I decided that I must have intense trips to KY and Scotland in order to get through this block.  Yeah, that’s a good excuse, eh?  I got the “intense trip to Kentucky” under my belt.  I got so much done there.  I built a new road, installed a septic system, started to build a house, and reconnected with my family  and roots. 

So how do I explain to myself the five nights in London on this trip, the side-trip to Dublin, and business class-nonstop, both ways between LAX and Heathrow?

Simple.  Research.Image


12 thoughts on “Is It Considered Radical to Have a Sabbatical from your Sabbatical?

  1. Wow. All that and business class, too! Take good notes and send us some posts along the way if you have the energy to write a wee bit more. .

  2. I was thinking of you while David and I were watching Hatfield and McCoy’s. Hope all is well and have a great trip!! I don’t know if you remember my cousin Bob that moved to Dallas but, he passed away. He was only 60…Wow that sounds young the older you get!!!

  3. So good to hear from you again. Excited about your novel, I find your writting humourous, soulful and thought provoking. Let’s get together when you get back…The Abbey is calling us.

  4. Where else but the land of Burns to get inspiration? And if that doesn’t work, Glenmorangie “neat” should suffice. Safe travels my dear.

  5. It’s funny that the day before we saw your e-mail I was thinking about you! It is great to hear from you again. Please continue writing us about your travels. We love it. By the way, the Kentucky house looks great.

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