York…the Old One, Not the New One

Everything went just as planned.  I was coming from Los Angeles, Ann and Mike were coming from Dayton, and Joan was already in London.  We managed to all converge at Kings Cross station and get on the same train to York.  Ann, Mike, and I were frazzled from a long flight, getting through immigration and customs, finding the Tube station, finding British Pounds, and then a long train ride into Central London from Heathrow.  Joan, having been here for two days, was fresh as a daisy and her normal perky self.  We immediately disliked her for that but have since made up.

Abbeyfields Bed and Breakfast

The trip from London to York by train took only two hours.  I can’t say that I actually saw much of the scenery between here and there but I did keep bumping my head on the window as I was constantly nodding off to sleep.  And as if on queue, the sky opened up and poured rain just as we were getting off the train.  Yet, we were not fazed (much).  We donned our raincoats and set off on foot in the “general” direction of the Abbeyfields guest house.   We arrived drenched and mud slung but in relatively short order considering the maze of streets in a city as old as York.  Les, the wife of the couple that owns the B&B greeted us at the front door of their charming establishment.  Her welcome was warm and inviting and it was obvious that she had not seen a rougher lot than us in a long time.  I could tell her sympathy was genuine.  Al (the husband) asked me where I had travelled from.  When I told him “Los Angeles,”  he immediately replied “Bloody hell!”  I knew right then and there I had arrived in England Yesterday, our first full day in York we went on a free walking tour of Old York.  If you’re not familiar with this city, it is important to note that it has a LONG and rich history.  Many different factions have occupied it including the Romans, the Anglo Saxons, the Vikings, and recently the Tourists.

The rest of the day was spent catching the tail end of a celebration in honor of Prince Phillip’s 92nd birthday (marching band, 21 gun salute, etc.), finding a nice french lunch, and taking in a couple more sights.  The weather could be more pleasant;  it is really chilly and damp, but today dawns slightly brighter.

Just because it made me smile


4 thoughts on “York…the Old One, Not the New One

  1. Glad your where you planned to be, with everyone you planned to be with 🙂 Have a great time. “Bloody Hell” wish I was with you!

  2. Have a wonderful trip, hi to Joan…Tell her I missed running into her at The Kimberly. Was in NYC for a week, now at the airport on my way home to Hawaii….

  3. Randy, Hope we will see you while you’re here. Please say you’ll have some time
    in London before you go back. Catherine and Terry

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