Skye’s the Limit…the Road to Skye

I was not sad to see Glasgow through the rear view mirror.  Well, I mean that figuratively since I don’t really have a rear view mirror sitting in the backseat.  But still I was glad to be headed toward the Northern Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye. There’s really no reason to waste a lot of words about either location.  They are simply stunning.  There’s so much natual beauty:  the mountains, the lochs, the flora, the sea.  The fact that the sun is shinning for the first time in days is certainly lifting my spirits.  Take a look at this place!

A very typical highway leading out of Dublin toward the Highlands.

On the road to the Isle of Skye

Spotting my first kilt! Fort William, Scottish Highlands

Just like a fairy book picture. Castle Eilene Donan, Scottish Highlands

Near the Isle of Skye.

My second kilt sighting. But, I get extra points for the bagpipes, right?

A Skye sunset. Taken about 10:30 in the evening!

A nearly midnight sun.


4 thoughts on “Skye’s the Limit…the Road to Skye

  1. Enjoy reading !!!! LOVE THE PICS !!!!!! keep writing & pposting pics !!!
    thanks for sharing your travels !!!

  2. Keep your camera ready and eyes open for the Lock Ness:) ….Sorry the weather is not so good..But thanks for getting the awesome pictures any way…

  3. Cuz, you are keeping in mind that I love a man in a kilt, right? I would have loved some seeds from that columbine :). So glad the weather turned around for you guys! Keep the picts coming!

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