Just Get Me to the Kirk on Time

Unknown (at least to me) castle rampart in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Visiting an old church is always a good way to kill a few minutes while you’re poking around a foreign city.  Typically you can learn a lot about the history of the congregation and as luck would have it, there could also be a really cool old cemetary attached.  That’s what usually draws me in truth be known.  Yesterday I was strolling along the Royal Mile, between Edinburgh Castle and Hollyrood Palace when I happened upon such a little jewel. The kirk (that’s what the Scots call a church) was interesting enough and since it was newer than many of the older cathedrals, it was quite different than the normal church visit.  What made this visit a little special was that it had a lovely pipe organ and someone began to play it just a couple minutes after I went in.  I took a video to capture the moment and I have uploaded it here if you’d like to listen.

Kirk Organ.wmv


I made a little change of plans regarding my Edinburgh visit.  Originally, I was only going to get to spend a few hours here because I really wanted to go to Dublin in Ireland.  But after I got up into the Highlands (where I originally thought I’d like to spend a good deal of time, I decided to cut that short, split away from Mike and Ann for a few days, and come to Edinburgh by train.

This has turned out to be a very wise decision.  Edinburgh is a beautiful and historic old city with so much to see and do.  It would have been a shame to have been so close and missed it.  Yes, there is some breath-taking scenery in the Northern Highlands that I probably missed but I got a really good flavor for it on the drive to the Isle of Skye and then on the train from Kyle Lochalsh to Inverness.  A route that is train enthusiast’s Michale Palin’s favorite train journey. Since my Edinburgh plans were changed so late in the game, I was not able to find a hotel (within my price range) that could accomodate me for three nights.  So this morning I had to move a few blocks.  It turned out that the only place I could find was a room that sleeps five!  It’s huge.  Darn, I wish I knew people here we could have a party.

Edinburgh Hotel Room

Mike and Ann are arriving in Edinburgh by car some time today (from Perth).  As I was eating lunch I was reading my “Rough Guide” for this city and came across this:  “Taking a car into central Edinburgh is emphatically not a good idea.”  It goes on to talk about “draconian parking restrictions,” and “expensive car parks.  The book was obviously published before the city tore up its streets to install a new tram system that is currently under construction.  There are detours on almost every city block. Mike has done a stellar job of driving thus far, however I worry if he has perhaps met his match with this burg.  If they are reading this post I can only say:  “Well done mates, well done indeed.  Jolly good show.”

This made me laugh when I saw this because I had the thought: “I really wish more of the Scots would have attended this school.” Sometimes I can’t understand a word they say!

The next post from Dublin.  Erin go braugh.


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  1. Ooops, published before I got the video uploaded. If you’re reading this without the link embedded, come back in a few minutes. It’s taking a long time to upload to my SkyDrive. R.

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