Dublin–I’ll Be Back

Temple Bar area of Dublin

To my surprise there really aren’t a lot of spectacular sights to see in Dublin, but it seems the city and its people are what you come to view.  I must say I rather like that as it got me back to my old way of touring…walking until my feet resisted another step and then finding a park bench and then sitting there watching the world go by.  I’ve pretty much got it down pat how long I can remain on a bench before the local police give me a ticket for vagrancy.  This is truly an important skill.  I really enjoyed my time here and it is definitely a city to put on my least of places that I would repeat a visit to.  The people are friendly and outgoing, the city itself is pretty, it feels quite safe, and there’s plenty to do.  The weather sucks though.

I have an early morning flight back to London tomorrow to begin the last leg of this journey.  I’ll be there until Saturday afternoon when I fly back to Los Angeles.  There’s no rain in the forecast for LA until December!  I can live with that, it will take me that long to dry out.


A Dublin pub









Another Dublin pub









Yet another Dublin pub









Anyone venture a guess as to what this is?









Those Irish, they sure know how to spoil a party.









Tea Time in Dublin









St. Stephen’s Green-Dublin









Similar concept as above but a different species (of bird that is)















2 thoughts on “Dublin–I’ll Be Back

  1. Once again thank you for posting and taking us along….Brent feels he might need to move to Dublin after seeing all the pubs..;)

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