Give Peas a Chance

You know we’ve been talking about peas for a long time.  I remember back in the 60’s, that was “all we are saying…give peas a chance.

But, it seems here in London, the pubs really do take this concept seriously.  I haven’t found a menu  yet that did not address the concept of peas.  It would be an over simplification to say that they are all the same.   Of course they each have their own way, but some themes are starting to emerge.

There are the negative pubs that only believe in “mushy peas.”  I can only  assume that they must be referring to the kind of peas that we have in the Middle East today.  These pubs are concentrated around Edgeware Road and it’s not until you get to the Kilborn Park area that you start to see “smashed peas.”  No doubt a much more realistic world view, but sort a defeatist attitude if you ask me.  You did ask me, didn’t you?

When you go into the Soho and Covent Garden pubs you begin to see a much more optimistic view.  Here the concept of whirled peas is openly on the menu and I love their global perspective but I question their trendy approach to such a complicated issue.  I know it’s truly Pollyanna thinking, but the idea of whirled peas sounds good doesn’t it?

I went to a little kiosk down by the River Thames called “Green Peas” and asked for the whale steak.  I didn’t get it, but the Tongue Lashing was quite memorable.  Seems that “peas” is much more complicated than I realised.

2 thoughts on “Give Peas a Chance

  1. Whirled Peas… makes me wonder how do they whirl them? I get this image of someone holding out a bucket of peas, and going around real fast for some reason 😉

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