A New Home (or Two)

I haven’t travelled at all since I returned from the UK in late June.  I did drive down to northern San Diego County to see my cousin, Connie Pack Hurt and spent the night with my dear friends…the Jara’s, but other than that I’ve been in my own bed at home.  I’m getting antsy.

Speaking of home, I moved into my new place in April, spent most of May in Kentucky and then most of June in England, Scotland, and Ireland.  So, this is probably the longest I’ve been still in years!  Yet even in these quiet times I travel vicariously through the books I read an my friend Joan who has a passport that looks looks like the King James version of the Holy Bible.

But being at home has its advantages.

Just the way I want it.

I spent many  years detesting “condo living.”  I guess that I had a bad taste from the time that Ray and I lived for seven years in a townhouse in downtown Dayton, a declining city.  I was in my 20’s, he in his 30’s so we had the energy to always find what we were really looking for on a different floor.  For the next 21 years we lived in houses with a pool.  First in the DeWeese Park section of Dayton and for 15  years in the Beverlywood neighborhood of LA.  It was during this period that I developed this aversion to condo-living.  Who’d want to do that when you can have a house with a yard, pool, gardener, sewer problems, clogged gutters, termites, vulnerability, mechanical issues, impressive utilility bills, and and approximately two times the space you need.  And, ultimately, the joys of being a landlord.

So, I bought a condo again and I’m loving it so far.  It gives me the freedom I’m seeking but since I’m older now, it’s all on one floor. It’s just perfect for me.  So much so that I can’t wait to leave it for a long period again.  All I have to do is shut the door…not worries.

Which brings me to me next trip.  It’s domestic and may sound mundane to some of my readers, but I’m excited about it.  I’ve bought a little place in Appalachian Kentucky where I grew up and I’m building a little cottage there.  People are usually surprised to learn that I’m actually quite the intovert and I suppose I view this little remote cabin as my utlimate escape.

Home Too.

But thankfully “all” my parents live nearby as well as my extended family, so there’s no chance of introspective doddling.  This is likely a good thing for me, because if I didn’t have the diversion I’d see myself gettting chickens, raising a garden, a milk cow, and perhaps operating my own still. I’m going here…home too…on October 10th for the rest of the month.  There’s SO much to finish off, it seems like this is becoming a life-long project, but I think some of the hard things have been done. But!  When I get back to West Hollywood, I’ll relax for a month or two and then I’m setting off for Thailand and Lao.  (Yes, I realize you think it should be “Laos” but that’s not how they say it there, and I’m really into that sorta thing, very similar to the pet peeve I have of people saying:  “Appalashia”).  It’s “Apple at cha” dammit.  Believe me, I’ve got this one, I know. I’ ve booked the whole month of January.   I’ll meet up with some old friends from New York, I’ll lie in the equatorial sunshine, I’ll do the “lunch thing,” I’ll ride the SkyTrain…over and over again, I’ll go to Patpong, I’ll ride on the river, I’ll take a nap.  Then I’ll go to Lao and have my socks blown off…I know.  Hopefully it’ll be from the culture and not from a land mine the Americans set.


2 thoughts on “A New Home (or Two)

  1. Let’s make a date, in between Kentucky and Thai/Lao I’ll have you and our expat-Ohioan friends over for a little Santa Maria tri-tip on the grill!

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