Airport Days

Off we go!

Well you had the urge to go for maybe years now.  You’ve made the airline reservation so long ago that the credit card bill has come and it’s been paid.  You’ve spent at least a little time everyday for weeks now researching things to day and places to see.  You probably even know the name of every hotel in the city by name by now…even their Trip Advisor rating.

I’ve been packed for two days; except for the time when I was unpacked just making sure that I hadn’t forgotten something.  The passport is getting dog-eared from taking it in and out of my backpack so often just to make sure I haven’t forgotten it.  Did I look at the expiration date?  Better check that.  We’re good there.  Did I put it back in the right place?  Better check.

You probably went to bed early the night before the flight even though it is not until 11:40 a.m.  Maybe you even got up six hours before you had to leave only to find that you are completely ready and now have three hours to kill before you need to leave.  Just enough time for the unpack – repack ritual again.

I love “airport days.”  It means I’m going somewhere and I can’t think of anything I’d much rather be doing.


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