Senor, Do You Know the Way From San Jose?

My morning coffee companion.

My morning coffee companion.

It looked great on paper, or at least on Google.  (Sorry Bing, Google did a better job here)  Just go down the big street, make a right at the “big park”, and you’re on the Pan American highway headed north toward La Fortuna.  Except there’s no right turn at that corner.  Six hours later on our three hour drive we found ourselves at our next destination.  We saw much more of Costa Rica than we ever anticipated and even more perfectly, remained lost once we were on the grounds of our own hotel.

Joan was a trooper and, all things considered, a pretty good navigator.  She didn’t snap at me once even though I’m pretty sure I deserved it a couple times.  She even tolerated me smoking in the car twice and stopping to pee on the side of the road (but just once).  Six hours on a road that is just like the one from Hanalei to Tunnel Beach can do strange things to you.  (Or, for my Kentucky readers, on a road that would make KY Route 40 between Boones Camp and Paintsville look like a super highway…Two Mile Hill just a mere speed bump).  And for my LA readers, imagine driving Coldwater Canyon for six hours sans medication.

And make it we did!  We’re both better men for it too.  But my masculinity, already in a weakened state, suffered by having to stop and ask for directions.  And it wasn’t just once, we had to do it multiple times, in Spanish no less.  Usually these instructions sounded something like “just go to the milk, have a tree, then the sink is dry.”  Vamos!

But we’re here.  Now we only have to deal with simple things like zip lining and wrestling with howler monkeys.  Oh, and there’s that volcano.  It can be a real nuisance at times.


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