The Seven Bridges Road

I think my hands are stuck.

I think my hands are stuck.


Snakes and heights.  I can’t think of any more miserable combination.  But that’s exactly what Joan and I “endured” on a three kilometer “Hanging Bridges” hike yesterday.  It was a guided tour through tropical rain forest, often in the treetop canopy via what they call hanging bridges (or as we call them in Kentucky, “swinging bridges.”  And swing they did.

Joan tells me that the views from up there were spectacular, but I wouldn’t know since not once was I able to take my eyes off the end of the bridges…so, so far away.  Not only were you up really high, the bridge bounced around like a trampoline.  The combination proved more than my fresh, clean underwear could take.  Note to self:  Next time bring Pampers.

I was a little disappointed in the amount of wildlife we encountered, but we did see Howler Monkeys, a coiled pit viper, leaf cutter ants, a three-toed sloth, a brown frog, a sexy tree, and a super sexy tree.

Today is shaping up to be no less death-defying.  We’re taking a gondola call the Sky Tram to an observatory.  I’ve never heard of an observatory being in a low place, so I presume this will be some platform situated in a place no human should ever go.  Tomorrow we’re back on the road again headed for the beach. This should be at sea level.  Right?

Joan!  There's a volcano behind you, and I think it's gaining on you.

Joan! There’s a volcano behind you, and I think it’s gaining on you.

Our group.


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