Cowboys and Gondolas

A real cowboy!

A real cowboy!



P1030286What a fun and relaxing day around the Arenal Volcano.  We spent the morning in the little town of La Fortuna.  We then drove on an unpaved road for several miles to get to the “Sky Tram.”  It was by far the bumpiest road I’ve driven on in a long, long time.   It was interesting though.  At one point we rounded a curve only to be greeted by a herd of cattle sauntering down the road as if they had someplace to go.  Then, while sitting at a little soda in the tiny village of El Castillo (a “soda” is a small local restaurant), but this time there was more purpose to the journey since the cattle were being herded by actual cowboys on horses.  The whole spectacle unfolded just few feet from our table.

After lunch we took a gondola ride over the rain forest canopy to an observation platform. By far the most entertaining thing here, other than the view, was watching the fools zip line down to the bottom.


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