From the Opera to Manly

P1030523Clara and I got an early start this morning by taking a bus to the center of Sydney and then dropping by the world-famous Sydney Opera House.  We had booked guided tour tickets.  I had been in the Opera House before, but was excited to get a behind-the-scenes view of this iconic building.

We had a delightful guide named Sue, and she said some things that I thought were laugh out loud funny.  For instance, from this lobby in the picture on the left  you get a splendid view of North Sydney.  Sue said that recently a woman asked her if that land on the other side of the harbor was New Zealand.  How do you politely answer that kind of question without laughing?  Sue is a professional so I’m sure she handled it with aplomb.

The tour lasted about an hour and since Clara and I now own tickets that provide for unlimited train, bus, and ferry transportation, we decided to head to Manly in search of lunch.  The ferry fairies were with us both ways since we didn’t have to wait any more than a couple minutes for the ferry each time.

P1030537We found a nice little place on the water in Manly called aprropriately enough “The Manly Grill.”  It was right next to the “Ribs and Rumps.”  (no joke).  We did a nice little stroll along the beach before heading back to the ferry wharf and back to the central business district.  I took another photosynth of Manly Beach, and this one is a full circle.  You can view it here (I think):

The plan called for us to visit the Botanical Gardens upon our return to Circular Quay, but it was dangerously close to nap time so we opted to do that on another day.  Clara now has three hours of free time before we must head to Taylor Square to protest the alleged police brutality at Mardi Gras.  There’s no rest from political action for these two old hippies, even if we are on the other side of the world.


The second happiest place on Earth perhaps?

The second happiest place on Earth perhaps?


4 thoughts on “From the Opera to Manly

  1. The photosynth worked! Did you do that with an iPhone? And, is that Clara all in white at the picnic table (180 degrees from the Manly shirtless guy?

    • D: The best way to view the photosynth is to click and hold anyway in the panorama and drag the image around yourself. You can move side to side and up and down. You can also use the + or – buttons to zoom in and out. The little arrow button is just designed to be a preview, and I can’t control that speed. Let me know if the manual method works better for you.

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