A Lesson on How to Really Have Fun

Clara and I did more walking around yesterday…much to her chagrin and to the detriment of her feet.  One of the highlights for me was finding this bunch of kiddies romping in a fountain near Darling Harbor.  I don’t know what it is, but I just find them fun to watch and love to hear the squeeling that is born out of pure unmitigated joy of getting wet.









And finally, this is what happens to your car when you park in a place that people find inappropriate. I love it when society automatically corrects bad behavior.



2 thoughts on “A Lesson on How to Really Have Fun

  1. So sad to be leaving today. The blisters will be gone but my memories will be forever.
    Cogee to Bondi in the hot sun. Was not going to happen, blisters or not!!
    Thanks Randy for showing me Sydney. Xoox

    • Well, you saw more of Sydney in three days than most see in two weeks. At least you can say you “have some skin in the game!” Hope the flight home to SoCal goes really, really fast.

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