A Rising Hollyweed Star

P1030606For being a red state, the Commonwealth of Kentucky sure does have a lot of building regulations these days.  And I say “good for you KY!”

I’ve gone through almost all the permitting process for my little escape hatch and have not come across anything that seemed unreasonable.  In actuality, I found the standards here quite sensible for a rural area and there was really nothing that didn’t seem to be designed other than to protect our precious environment or the safety of those fortunate to live here.   The conversation you no longer hear is:

“Well, I’m going to take the trash up on Spicy and dump it out.”

“But honey, I thought you was going to run the sewer line out to the branch.  I can’t stand all this shit in the yard anymore.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  But you might hear these same people say, “Look at the creek.  It shore is purty, ain’t it? We used to go swimmin’ right down nar.”

By far the greatest logjam was the on-site sewer disposal system, otherwise known as the septic tank.  It seems that the County wants to look at it before you cover it up.  Who knew?  But after manually excavating nearly the whole thing, having the soil tested, and writing several checks it is now fully inspected and permitted, and “open for business.”

Next came the rough-in electrical and plumbing inspections.  Both were easy, especially the plumbing since I have more than ten acres I was able to get an exemption from permits.  The electrical inspection only turned up a couple of very minor adjustments that had to be made.  The road is now clear!

P1030608The drywall is nearly hung and will be awaiting the drywall finisher tomorrow.  Next will come priming and painting which I’ll likely do mostly myself.  I’ve already ordered the hardwood flooring…a whitewashed oak with a 7” plank.  It’s very rustic looking.  Kitchen cabinets and appliances are already picked out but not yet purchased.  The outbuilding foundation is laid and the lumber for construction sits in situ.

I must say that I’m extremely pleased with the progress I’ve made in the short time I’ve been here so far.  But I still face one major hurdle; water.  It seems my well is dry and I have to run over 3/10 of a mile of water line to the house.  So, you might overhear me say “Shore is too bad the creek is just purty and not potable!”




5 thoughts on “A Rising Hollyweed Star

  1. Wow! I am impressed – you done rilly gud. I tried to post a comment on your blog, but once again I can’t remember my password and I refuse to go through the process again. xoxo

    Jill Jensen WESTERN PACIFIC 9400 Hall Road Downey, CA 90241 562-803-4401 x 241 562-965-4367 (cell) Fax: 562-803-6365 jillj@wppp.com or jilllj@aol.com

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