Safari as I Know

Well, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place today, much of November is now booked as well as all of September and half of October.

My friend, Joan, chases total eclipses of the sun, and it seems there’s going to be one visible at Murchison Falls on the Ugandan Nile in early November.  She was already booked.  When she told me about this over dinner one evening my first impression was “oh dear, Uganda. Really?”    But then she was really cruel to me and sent a link.  I couldn’t resist.  I responded immediately by asking if I could tag along.  Joan, being the nice Irish lass that she is, said ok.

It grew from there into what I consider a rather grand expedition.

I don’t want to give away too much yet, but we’ll be reporting from Uganda and South Africa.  Both of these places fill in huge gaps on the map I keep on the wall….pins of places I’ve been…so far.

We’ll land on little dirt strips of runway, see animals in the wild, go to the end of the Earth, take a scenic drive through the South African Winelands, see Cape Town, and visit “townships..”

I realize it’s a way out yet, but these kind of trips take time.  I’m busy getting visas, vaccinations, and paying deposits.  I’ll be at my little place in KY from 9/5 until around 10/15.  But we leave for Africa on 10/30.  Safari as I know.


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