Make a List Check it Twice

picture013Around these parts, which is WAY over yonder, fall is in the air.  When I arrived last week we were in the middle of a warm spell but the past couple of days we’ve had a cold snap.  Isn’t it odd that when it’s warm it’s a “spell” and when it’s cold it is a “snap?”  I wonder how this came about.

Regardless of the etymology the weather has been perfect for doing outdoor work like weed control, cleaning the out building, stacking wood, and landscaping.  Which is precisely why I’ve been lying on my new sofa in the living room reading historical fiction from medieval times.  I’m just biding my time for when it gets too cold for such nonsense and I can do absolutely nothing without the associated guilt.

Even though I’ve been pretty much a ne’er-do-well things are still progressing nicely here at Hollyweed.  I now have furniture which includes a sofa, recliner, kitchen table and chairs, an actual bed with a nightstand, and a chest of drawers.  It’s all quite civilized actually.  The bathroom and kitchen are nearly functional.  The bathroom has a working toilet and shower while the kitchen has a stove and a refrigerator.  In the next couple days sinks in both rooms will be installed and connected.   I realize that indoor running water has been around for some time now and is taken for granted by many.  Not me.

But, as I mentioned earlier, accomplishments are being made.  Tomorrow my uncle and cousins are coming to install the baseboard and trim.  At first blush this is a cause for excitement.  However if you think the whole process through you quickly realize that once they are finished, it’s all going to need a coat of paint.  And that can only mean that I’m going to have to lay down the Kindle, get off the sofa, and add that to my list.  There’s no rest for the weary.

2 thoughts on “Make a List Check it Twice

  1. Hey Randy, I envy you the lovely fall weather. I’ll be going to Dayton on Oct. 3-16 so hope its still nice. If you’re into medieval fiction have you read ‘Pillars of the Earth’ by Ken Follett? Its Great. Also the sequel ‘World Without End’. I couldn’t put them down. Sounds like you’re enjoying life-good for you. Terry and I are too. All the best, Cathy North

  2. So are the baseboards up and have U commenced with the painting? What palette have you chosen? The weather is changing here in SoCal as well. And muchly appreciated I must say. Sitting here on the balcony having some wine, I know it’s only 4:32 pm here it is indeed so very close to the accepted 5pm happy hour & unless someone intends to pay my bills I really don’t give a rat’s ass to their opinion. I saw where Patrick Harris said that recently to someone who had something to say about his lifestyle. As if taking care of your children & home & partner were a lifestyle. Any hooooo, enjoying your place so very much. Oh & Cathy North is right about Ken Follett. Enjoy reading these blogs. There’s a nice breeze happening at the moment. Quite & gentle whispering a it wafts through the trees. My friend Alex came up today from San DIego. So grateful to share these couple or three days with him. AC turned off & loving the quite & cooler temps. Sleep in peace & we’ll catch up later. Wifi is performing beautifully. Sleep in peace, wake in joy. Cmh

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