Star Date: 10.1.2013 Location: An Alternative Universe

P1030777I’ve been here nearly 30 rotations and these Earthlings still strike me as strange. But I like how they use the language.

First of all, the days of light keeps changing, almost as if the planet was not perfect on its axis.  This can certainly be the only reason the vegetation behaves so bizarrely.  Over the past 20 rotations I’ve watched them change into something that is nothing of the original state in which I found them.  They seem to have taken on a golden hue and drop their appendages.   It’s starting to scare me.

Is this lush landscape to change into a cold and barren wilderness right in front of my eyes?  That seems to be the path.  The only comfort I can take from this thought is that another part of this far-flung planet will reap the benefits of this wobble as they turn their faces toward this little, insignificant star.

H2O seems to be everywhere, even more than I saw in another quadrant called California by the local terrestrials..  A few are still subsisting on little round holes in the planet from which they can pump…I find that quaint.  My little pod has just such a system. But what’s so odd is that these little insignificant beings are very sensitive to the temperature of it, I mean within just a few degrees, especially when it touches item.

P1030780The water here, it even falls out of the sky.  (But not as much lately as it’s been extremely temperate).  Flowing in front of this module is a little stream of it…H20.  It cascades around as if it had no other purpose than to reach a larger stream. I’m pretty sure you realize I’m crazy by now.

It’s the vegetation that vexes.  I even had to purchase, at the local bizarre, an apparatus that keeps it in check.  The vegetation does seem to rule here.   And, it’s certainly not friendly, why would you use those muscles?

To the Mother Ship: If you really want to take this planet…invent a better weed eater.  Pieces of vegetation are falling everywhere.  It’s all very distracting.

End of report.





2 thoughts on “Star Date: 10.1.2013 Location: An Alternative Universe

  1. You are just as crazy as ever. Should you board the mother ship soon, please don’t go without Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, and run up to Ohio to scoop up John Boehner.

    Jill Jensen WESTERN PACIFIC 9400 Hall Road Downey, CA 90241 562-803-4401 x 241 562-965-4367 (cell) Fax: 562-803-6365 or

  2. Be careful in that quadrant! Teleport out immediately if you start to slurr your words or develope a twang. I once lived in the nearby quadrant..O HEE Ho, I believe. The place and the people can be very seductive!

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