Anastasia’s Africa

P1030825The I’s have been dotted and all the T’s are now crossed.  The trip to Uganda and South Africa is now set.  I don’t normally write very many “trip planning” posts, but this is my first safari to Africa and I found it complicated.  Actually it was nigh impossible until Joan and I contacted Anastasia’s Africa here in West Hollywood.

I absolutely LOVE travel planning and sometimes I even like to think that I even do it well.  But when it comes to Africa, the help of a competent travel specialist is not only preferred, it’s essential.  I spent hours trolling the Internet looking at various safari packages, researching hotels and lodges, trying to find travel arrangements, and generally wondering if I was simply looking at hype.  There are a lot of companies out there and they are quite anxious to take (a lot) of your money.

thEven Joan, who is typically pretty patient and is willing to let things sort of fall together, finally said “uncle.  Let’s call Karin at Anastasia’s Africa.”  With just one quick conference call for Karin to understand what we were trying to accomplish we had a complete itinerary and estimated costs in just a couple of days.  Of course we tweaked little things before “pushing the button,” but they were minor.  It could not have been easier, Karin could not have been more patient with us.

I’ll admit, I was at first shocked by the cost.  So shocked in fact that I tried to recreate Karin’s itinerary on my own to see what it added up to.  This was a fruitless exercise.  I came up with a comparable cost for the big ticket items and still didn’t have things like guides, cars, ground transportation, etc. figured in.  Don’t underestimate these details, you can spend hours upon hours trying to figure them out.  Further, Karin knows the properties that she had recommended.  You soon learn this has incredible value.  They ALL look beautiful on the Internet, right?

When it comes to Africa and safari, Karin at Anastasia’s Africa ( knows her stuff.  But that’s only a part of the experience.  The service is incredible.  Just this evening a private messenger dropped off a package that tells me everything I need to know about our upcoming excursion from shots to local restaurants.  Well done Karin!

The bottom line is if you’re going to invest in a trip to Africa, consult an expert.  You won’t be sorry, you’ll feel confident before you leave, and if you choose Anastasia’s Africa you’ll have a great experience.  You will also learn that when it comes to safari, you can have luxury, small budget, timing…pick two.




9 thoughts on “Anastasia’s Africa

  1. Thanks for this article! I used to think African safaris were “roughing it” and had to be rugged and adventurous trips. I’m thrilled to hear about more luxurious offerings for creatures of comfort, like myself, who still want to experience the wildlife and magic of Africa.

  2. Hi there, I happened upon your blog and got lost in your travels. Thank you for sharing!!! I have a question for you, you say you used Anastia’s Africa to arrange your trip but your entry was written before you left. Were you happy with everything they coordinated for you? We are planning a safari and they were one of the agencies we contacted. We have been really happy with everything they’ve proposed but yours is closest I can find to a review on line. Would you mind letting me know if you were satisfied with their services? Thank you!!!

    • “Happy” would probably not be the word I’d use. “Thrilled” would be a closer description. Everything was just perfect. When I say everything, I mean down to the smallest detail. They know their stuff and the planning stage was great, so many ideas going back and forth, and Karen/Anastasia never tired of us. (A feat in itself!). When I go back to Africa it will only be Anastasia’s Africa for me. I hope you have a magical safari and happy trails.

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