The Caped Crusader

P1040424I’ve only been in Cape Town, South Africa for one day and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite cities.  We spent the day in a car with Zunaid (spelling?) touring the Cape of Good Hope and it rates up there with one of the most stunning drives I’ve ever experienced.  It is certainly in the same league as the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the Great Ocean Road in Australia, and Highway 1 in California.

At the final point, the Cape of Good Hope–the most southerly point of the African continent, I once again left some of Ray’s ashes behind, adding to the growing list of important places in the world.


P1040346 P1040350 P1040353 P1040356 P1040361 P1040362 P1040363 P1040369 P1040389 P1040393 P1040407 P1040417 P1040421 P1040431 P1040433 P1040439 P1040442


2 thoughts on “The Caped Crusader

  1. R, I’m requesting a penguin, please…really really enjoying your trip, so wish I could
    actually be there…but you’re doing a fabulous job of sharing.
    Safe travels, xxx Donna Z.

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