Kasbah Omar


Photo credit: Amanda Easton

I don’t often write about hotels and other lodgings; there’s enough on that topic on Trip Advisor.  However sometimes you luck onto a place that is special and you feel like it would be selfish not to share it.  Kasbar Omar in the little Moroccan hamlet of Anrar at the base of the High Atlas Mountains is just such a place.

In the case of Kashah Omar it’s not the luxury that strikes you although it is quite comfortable.  It not the decadent fixtures in the bathroom, although the ones that are there are quite adequate.  In this case it all comes down to place and people.

To begin with, it is an actual, old kasbah situated in a real, non touristy village.  All through the day and night you can hear donkeys braying, goats bleating, roosters crowing, people living out their lives.  The sun rises, shines, and sets beautifully across the valley.  At night you can just glimpse the twinkling lights of distant Marrakech from the rooftop terrace.  The stars are brilliant.  That’s the “place” I’m referring to.

It’s just a little after seven in the morning, early by Moroccan standards, and Kamal has just knocked on my door with a huge cup of coffee served with a smile equally as large.  He didn’t dare bring it until he heard me stirring around in my room.  My friend Amanda needs laundry done.  “Is a few hours okay?”  “Oh, no.  No charge.”  Evenings are so pleasant on the rooftop terrace where Kamal makes a constant parade of serving us snacks, drinks, or conversation.  All this is eventually followed by a scrumptious and leisurely dinner. We are the only guests.  Laughter is encouraged and that’s not an exaggeration.  People often make a place.

Take a look at Kasbah Omar.  I hope it is in your stars to visit here some day.

This is the "street" you walk approaching Kasbah Omar.  The goats and the donkeys keep the tourists out.

This is the “street” you walk approaching Kasbah Omar. The goats and the donkeys keep the tourists out.


Peace and tranquility await as soon as you enter. It’s a different world in here.

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The funky rooftop dining room is only used when the weather is inclement.


This is not for show, you are truly made to feel at home here. There should be a sign: “Please, put your feet on the furniture.”

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Dinner is served.  Amanda and I have the run of the house.  We're the only guests tonight.

Dinner is served. Amanda and I have the run of the house. We’re the only guests tonight.

From my room.

From my room.

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