Buh, Bye

My WeHo pad.

My WeHo pad.

I’m not exactly sure when or how it started, but I wanted to move again. Aimlessly meandering over continents wasn’t working, God knows I’ve been (and will continue) to do that. Nope, but here I was again, it wasn’t supposed to be so soon, looking for something new again. Something more permanent, and all mine. I need to leave Ray’s world even though he won’t leave mine.

I had the urge last summer to explore the idea of leaving Los Angeles. It was fleeting but serious. I even listed my condo for sale at a ridiculous price. This summer that strategy actually worked! Remarkably fast and remarkably well. No one was more surprised than me, except for the buyers.

It’s time to turn the page to a new chapter. More likely it’s time to start a new book. I’ve lived here for 20 years now, 15 with Ray and nearly 5 alone. I get it. It’s probably the most magical place on Earth, it really is.   Perhaps that’s why I was only able to venture a hundred miles away to a place, also magical.

Palm-Springs-Sign-e1343848419480The Village of Palm Springs offers me more than I need. A liberal council (3/5 gay), climate, a selection of international men around 50, day tripping to LA, and more room on the road and parking spaces. I’m looking for several of those things lately.

So, here I go. Jumping off again.

My siblings will tell you that you need not worry about the height from which from Randy jumps… he’s afraid of heights, but he will land well, he always has.

My new temporary digs.

My new temporary digs.

14 thoughts on “Buh, Bye

  1. I say look to the east…where the sun rises…and where you can best see it in the desert…the beginning of each day different every morning…new beginnings…I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  2. Hi, Randy. Irwin and I wish you the best always. I still miss your veggie garden and seeing you in the kitchen window.
    Love, Barbara

  3. Best wishes on the new digs! I agree with Mike Strader that change is good, and I too hope that you find what you need. If you ever want a change from the desert, the rocky mountain contingent is keeping the light on for you (as they say). Thinking of you always with love, Andrea and Howard

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