A Place in the Sun

1987I know you’re sick of hearing posts about Ray.  I am too.  But there was an event this week that was noteworthy.  It was a dream.  The most vivid one I’ve ever had.  A long story short, he told me that I needed to let go.  HE was moving on to other things.

I wish he’d told me what other things he was moving on to, but in his usual fashion, it’s still mysterious to me.  Any way is it coincidence that I happen onto this song this evening?  It was the first song we listened to together in 1981 at home.  I will never forget it.  It wasn’t a 45.  It was a 33.

Ray’s way of welcoming me to Palm Springs.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5XxIjLN1YQ


4 thoughts on “A Place in the Sun

  1. I never get tried of hearing stories about Ray. It’s a good way to keep his memory alive. Look forward to seeing the place in PS!

  2. I totally believe that a dream of friends that have passed is a visit. Brenda has visited me a few times maybe 3? And each time I exclaim with surprise to see her, hug her. It’s so special. I am glad you got a visit and that the message was strong and positive. Good luck on your new chapter in PS. It’s a good place for you 🙂

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