Cartagena Walk About

The view from our casa in Cartagena.

The view from our casa in Cartagena.

I left Palm Springs at five in the morning for a trek to LAX airport.  Would you believe it was actually raining when I got in the car and before I was through the Banning Pass I had experienced thunder, lightening, pouring rain, and a dashboard indication that my left rear tire was low on air.  Any one of these events would have normally been a premonition that maybe it’s best that I just turn around and go back to bed.  But I’m off to Columbia and no rain, thunder, or LA rush hour traffic can stop me.

I love the balconies dripping with flowers.

I love the balconies dripping with flowers.

Amanda and I met up just as planned at the airport terminal.  We hadn’t seen each other since we parted in Marrakech in May. We didn’t skip a beat and just picked up where we left off then.  The flight down (via Panama City, Panama) was uneventful and actually fairly easy once we got going.  We arrived at our funky little apartment in the “centro historico” of Cartegena after 11pm local time.  We laughed as we searched the apartment for various switches to turn things on and off.  It was well after midnight once we called it a day.  We had a guide set up for 8am the following morning.

P1060029He met us just as planned in the building lobby and we set off.  We are staying right on Parque Bolivar, one of the most picturesque parts of the old city.  Within a few feet of. our building entrance is the Palacio de Inquisition dedicated to the 200 years that Spaniards tortured suspected heretics, Jews, homosexuals, witches, and other heathens to confess.   I’ve been to a lot of Spanish colonial cities throughout the Americas and just one glance around told me this is the best preserved and largest to be found.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Botero sculptures are plentiful.

Botero sculptures are plentiful.

The weather here is much like it was in Panama.  Hot.  The humidity slaps you in the face as you step off the plane and then knocks you down whenever you feel like you may have it beat.  But we trudge on.  Amanda finds it especially pleasant on long uphill walks in the mid-day sun.  PS:  Today is her birthday.  !Feliz cumpleanos Amanda!


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