Santa Fe de Antioquia

A parade!

A parade!

P1060239We got out of Dodge yesterday for a little road trip to the charming village of Santa Fe de Antioquia. It’s a dramatic 90 minute drive from Medellin. This Paisa town is of lower elevation than Medellin, and slightly drier and warmer. Santa Fe is the region’s oldest settlement, founded in 1543, and one of the best preserved. It was capital of Antioquia (state) until 1826, when the capital moved to Medellin.

The old colonial center looks much as it did as you would imagine during the 1800’s, with narrow streets, whitewashed colonial buildings and pretty plazas full of old men playing cards who are simply watching the world go by. It’s certainly a fun way to shoot an otherwise perfectly good Saturday.

This little video will give you a sense just how “quaint” this little village can be on a festa day.  Or maybe just because it was Saturday.

P1060234 P1060241 P1060252 P1060254 P1060257 P1060259 P1060260 P1060266 P1060264 P1060271 P1060276 P1060262


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