Vientiane: An Electrifying City

P1070032My time in Laos is quickly coming to an end, Joan and I fly back to Bangkok this evening.  I just spent the past two nights in Vientiane, the capitol, and I must say that I think the guide books don’t do this charming little southeast Asian capitol justice.  I found it really quite charming.  Unlike other big cities in the region Vientiane is noticeably laid back.  The traffic is tolerable, the people are friendly (albeit aloof at times), and the food is wonderful.  Thankfully the French have left this place with scrumptious baguettes and croissants and beautiful architecture.  But not much else.

For my West Hollywood peeps...look familiar?

For my West Hollywood peeps…look familiar?

Even the temples must be cleaned!

Even the temples must be cleaned!


Vientiane street.

Vientiane street.

P1070054 P1070096


I thought that Bangkok had the edge on creative “electrical engineering.” However with just a short walk around Vientiane you quickly realize that they can hold their own in this area.  It’s truly remarkable.

P1070028 P1070030 P1070033 P1070034 P1070086 P1070089 P1070090 P1070084


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