Gorgeous Granada

The Alhambra and the city of Granada from Plaza San Nicholas

The Alhambra and the city of Granada from Plaza San Nicholas

I arrived in Granada yesterday afternoon a little tired after a fairly long bus ride.  Once again all my advanced reading left me woefully unprepared for what I was going to experience here.  I was afraid that Granada was going to be overrun by tourists and that it was a one-sight town.  I couldn’t be more wrong.

I love peeking into people's courtyard's.  Hey if the gates open...I feel pretty welcome.

I love peeking into people’s courtyard’s. Hey if the gates open…I feel pretty welcome.

Granada is actually quite cosmopolitan, almost as much so as Madrid.  But it’s better in my opinion because there’s not all the craziness associated with a capital. The pace is slower and the people more friendly and helpful. To say that there is a lot of history here would be an understatement and once Granada was the grandest city in Spain.

There's lots going on here.

There’s lots going on here.

But the city started to decline when the 700 years of Moorish rule ended.  Under the new Christian rule the Moors and Jews were initially tolerated (they were good for business!) but the Inquisition happened around 1550 and ideology trumped pragmatism and Jews and Muslims were evicted or forced to convert. Because the Christians had to prove their supremacy, when they built, they went big as is evidenced by the Cathedral (below).  They even went so far as razing nearly every mosque in the city and building a Christian on it’s site.

Granada Cathedral.  The second largest in Spain.

Granada Cathedral. The second largest in Spain.

But this history, no doubt colored by blood, leaves a beautiful legacy.  There’s an old Spanish saying that fairly sums up how pleasing Granada is to the eye:  “Give him a coin, woman, for there is nothing worse in this life than to be blind in Granada.”

Tomorrow I have reserved tickets to visit the Alhambra.  More on that soon.

Around Granada

Around Granada


The voyeur in me!

The voyeur in me!



Granada street life

Granada street life





P1070384 P1070386


3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Granada

  1. I am more than loving your Spain posts. I was lucky to visit the Alhambra in 2009 – stunning. What a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing!

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