It could not have been more magical.

I went down to the “catedral’ to find a place to leave Ray’s ashes.  I found the perfect park bench, and allowed myself to rest there only to be overwhelmed again, and momentarily saddened.  Just as I was giving Ray to Sevilla, a religious procession proceeded right next to me and a flock of white doves surrounded me.  It was perhaps one of the most magical moments of my life.  The music, the place, the faces, the life that he would have so loved.

Gracias a Dios Ray por tu. I begin my journey home tomorrow…so utterly changed by this trip.

P1070495 P1070497 P1070498 P1070499

I left him here.

I left him here.

P1070501 P1070502 P1070503 P1070504 P1070508 P1070507 P1070506 P1070512 P1070513 P1070514 P1070523 P1070522 P1070521 P1070516 P1070515 P1070518






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