A Maui Weekend

20151023_115232It wasn’t what I usually do for travel, but upon reflection, that’s probably what I liked about my little weekend jaunt down to Maui.   It was just a weekend I told myself…Thursday to Tuesday I told myself, and I do need the miles. It’s just a wedding of a past work colleague I told myself.

But.   I had the best. Time. Ever!

If you have bucks stay in Ka’anapili or Weilea. If you don’t I’d choose Kihei.

I usually choose Weilea because it is closer to a person I loved, the views are better, and there’s less people. The beaches here would make the French blush. But if you’re feeling golfie choose the West-Side.   I shudder at the thought of what the green fees will be in Ka’anapli or Wailea.

But Maui is not about place, it’s about people. Ray once told me to only take pictures of people: “you’ll remember the people not the place.”


3 thoughts on “A Maui Weekend

  1. Funny that I’m only now seeing this, six months later. 😀 The weekend would not have been the same without you and we are so grateful that you were there to help us celebrate!

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