I Can’t Quit(o)

Well I’m on the road again, at least I will be in the morning.  This time we’re off to Ecuador for a little birthday trip.  If the car gods are with me, I’ll be off to LAX around 6:00 am.  From LAX Joan and I will fly to Quito via Houston where we will overnight in Quito be20151130_161637fore continuing on to Cuernca, Ecuador for a few days.

After checking out Cuernca we’ll return to Quito to explore this city and its environs.  This will be my first trip to this country and I look forward to learning more about this up and coming retirement destination.

We’re all checked in and boarding passes printed.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight down to Ecuador.


Cuernca, Ecuador

Cuernca, Ecuador




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