Volcanoes and Ashes

The temple at Borobudur

The temple at Borobudur.

I was another adventure filled day in Yogyakarta consisting of chasing volcanoes in Jeeps and climbing temple walls. The  dynamics of our group continues to evolve and we seem to have a leader emerging.  But I digress.  I’ll write more about group travel later as such a “delicate” topic deserves its own missive.

We once again got an early start (I’m being nice here) so that we could reach the Merapi volcano before the daily clouds settled in that would block our views.  We took another bus ride outside Yogyakarta to the the base of the active Merapi volcano which last erupted in 2010 killing over 300 people.  While it is little it is a miniature Mount Fuji.


The clouds (crowds?) are already quickly forming.

The Jeeps were actually Toyotas.  But that’s okay since they were topless, rather new but rugged, and I think I have shoes older than the driver.  It was an adventure and I loved it.  There was a solemn moment though when we took a look at a bunker that was built into the side of the mountain.  Its purpose is to serve as a safe place during minor eruptions for the people in the local villages.  However during the 2010 eruption proved to be larger than predicted and several people died inside.  Roasted alive.  Just ghastly.

Mirror selfie.

Mirror selfie.


Everyone comfy?

From the Merapi volcano we once again (after a loooong lunch) piled back into our bus for the trip to the temple at Borobudur. Built 1200 years ago it is truly an impressive sight but is under attack from forces of nature and at the hands of humans. It is quite reminiscent  of Angkor Wat.


But I did manage to find a relatively quiet spot with a phenomenal view to leave some of Ray’s ashes. I was pleased that I could still imagine his big smile when seeing such a spectacular place.

Ray's ashes.

Ray’s ashes.

It's so easy to make friends in this country. At Borobudur.

It’s so easy to make friends in this country. At Borobudur.


6 thoughts on “Volcanoes and Ashes

  1. Randy- our friend Bob Blue says his neighbors , sandy and brian woodruff are there for the eclipse- they go to them all! They with your group?????

    • Hi Jerry, they are not in our group and the eclipse will be visible from several locations in Indonesia. We are traveling to Sumatra tomorrow for the event.

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