Bali Hai is Calling

Necessary gear in Bali

Necessary gear in Bali

Well, we’ve made it to Bali, an island that is much different than the rest of Indonesia since most of the inhabitants here are Hindu rather than Muslim.  This explains the fact that we actually got to have bacon for breakfast yesterday!

Bali is a tropical paradise and our tour group tried to include too many sights in the two days that were allotted. But that’s okay.  I got a good sense of what’s here and Joan, Cynthia, Jim, and I are returning after the total eclipse of the sun to spend six leisurely days.

One of the highlights for me was that we were here during a Hindu festival (I think celebrating the Hindu new year).  On our way to one place we came across a procession of people marching from the temple to the sea.  It was truly a spectacle.  Just look at some of the faces!DSC00307 DSC00304 DSC00302 DSC00295 DSC00294 DSC00293 DSC00289 DSC00287 DSC00280 DSC00277 DSC00270

We were on our way to a monkey preserve which actually turned out to be a gimmick to get you to stop into the shops ran by local people on the way out.  It was interesting though and I did get some good pictures.  It turns out that a lot of the things to do on Bali revolves around trying to get you into the shops and restaurants.  But that’s okay I guess once you have figured this out.  It’s notable that 70% of Bali’s economy runs on tourism.


So cute!



National Geographic?


Oh yeah!  Right there.

Oh yeah! Right there.


A really lovely Buddhist temple built into the shoreline.


Another procession that has reached the sea.


l really liked Bali, and I’m so happy that we will be coming back here in a couple days.


3 thoughts on “Bali Hai is Calling

  1. Great pics! Looks like a wonderful setting. I sent it to Elise who is in Thailand right now and looking for other travel locations. Thought she would enjoy it, as well.

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