A Stroll Through the Garden

DSC00473Much to my delight I have found myself in a part of Bali with remarkably little to see or do. I’m finally relaxing enough to actually take notice of the details of lushness that surrounds me here at our private retreat.

DSC00470Of course I’ve already noticed that the grounds are beautifully landscaped and everything fits together so well that the views exude harmony and serenity.  But it wasn’t until I put down my book and hauled my butt of the bed in the shaded pool pavilion that I actually noticed the individual gems that make up this beautiful palate of colors.


I spend hours right here in this spot.

So, take a little walk with me to see the little hidden treasures I found.




The bananas are tiny but tasty.



The driveway in front of the house



Our own personal Hindu shrine

DSC00465DSC00464DSC00462DSC00461DSC00460To my friend Ann…I was thinking of you as I created this entry.  I hope you enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “A Stroll Through the Garden

    • Yes Alex, that was a strategic error but I wanted to tour with group of eclipse people. I chose the wrong tour. Come straight to Bali. It’s lovely.

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