Bali Bye


The terraced rice fields at Tegalaling, Bali.

Alas, my time in Bali is quietly coming to an end.  Tomorrow we fly back to Jakarta, spend a night at a hotel near the airport, and then have a very early flight back to Los Angeles. All this comes just as I’m finally getting used to living in this grand villa and am able to order something from the house staff without feeling a tinge of guilt.



Offerings left at important Hindu places.  These two spots must have been especially auspicious considering the number of offerings left.

It’s been a lazy time here in Ubud and we all certainly needed that after the crazy pace we kept during the eclipse tour. Yesterday we visited the home of an American (from Santa Monica, CA no less) that has been living in Bali since the 60s.  Both Nadya and her house was quite eccentric and we had a nice chat.  It was especially interesting to get her perspective on how this area  has changed since she first came.  She arrived before electricity and has watched tourism become the number one employer in the area…70% of the local economy. Her take is some things were good, some not so good.

The pictures above (click for a larger view) are from Nadya’s house in Ubud.  She served us Jack Fruit and coconut water grown on her land.  The cookies were really good and we had a beautiful view of her rice field while we sat and chatted.


Upon returning to the house after the visit with Nadya I managed to catch a glimpse of the “Offering Lady” who comes to the house every afternoon to leave little treasures in certain important places around the house. 

Today we had the house driver take us to Tegalaling village to view the beautiful terraced rice fields there and a little last minute shopping in Ubud.  I even managed to find a 3 square meter piece of hand-woven cloth for my Mother’s quilting habit (it was cheap Ma.)


Tegalaling rice terraces


Tegalaling rice terraces.


The village of Tegalaling.  We had a little tropical shower just as we arrived but it didn’t last long.


The town of Ubud, Bali.  Monkey Forest Street (it’s actual name).

Well it’s about time to pack it in for this trip.  I’ve liked Indonesia.  The sights are lovely.  The people are warm and friendly, and the culture is diverse from island to island.  I worry though what will happen to the resources and infrastructure of this developing country (the fourth largest in the world!) as they grow into the 21st century.

Come along next time.  I don’t know where yet, but my life is a trip!


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