Yank Tanks

No blog about Cuba would be complete without a mention of the ancient American cars that are still on the road here.  They are all pre 1960 with a few Soviet Union cars from the 1970s thrown in.  These are not the possessions of classic car collectors, but rather the primary means of transportation for people who use, and reuse, EVERYTHING out of necessity.

They are a real part of Cuba.


This is the car that picked us up at the airport in Havana. It was just serendipity that we saw it on the highway on the way to Vinales!

dsc01088 dsc01098 dsc01112 dsc01139 dsc01142 dsc01223 dsc01226 dsc01227 dsc01294 dsc01296 dsc01297 dsc01298 dsc01300 dsc01310 dsc01312 dsc01313 dsc01314 dsc01363 dsc01368 dsc01393 dsc01395 dsc01396 dsc01407 dsc01412 dsc01415 dsc01433 dsc01435 dsc01447 dsc01471 dsc01492 dsc01499 dsc01503 dsc01513 dsc01514 dsc01517


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