Ceylon, Ceylon

Sail on. Sail on.  The Commodores, May, 1979 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg-ivWxy5KE

Negombo fish market

Negombo fish market

Well I found myself just about the farthest place from California I can get on this planet.  After a two hour drive, an overnight in an LAX hotel, a 16 hour flight, two hour layover in Qatar, and then a nearly four hour flight I’ve wound up in the the island nation of Sri Lanka. Upon arrival in Colombo (the capital) we zipped right through immigration and customs and was met by our driver/guide, Dinesh,  who has the most dazzling white smile I’ve ever seen.  He’ll be with us for the next couple of weeks.
By design, we spent the first day in recovery.  I, unfortunately, injured my foot two days before Joan and I left so I hobbled around for a bit with her around Negombo (a suburb near the Colombo airport). But finally jetlag, exhaustion, and a diminished tolerance for pain on my part sent us searching for a tuk tuk back to the hotel, some air conditioning, and foot elevation. The next morning we were both a little more refreshed and my foot improved greatly after a little much needed pampering. We’re now ready to set off on our Sri Lankan odyssey.

Negombo fish market

Our first stop is going to  be Anuradhapura. (Say that three times quickly!)  I’ll give more background on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in a subsequent post. On the way to Anuradhapura, we stopped at Wilpattu National Park for a three-hour safari drive.  These are also exciting and Joan and I realized during the drive that this is the third country in which we’ve gone “on safari.” While it wasn’t on par with the scope of animals you’d see in Africa, it will still exhilarating to drive around the park in an open air vehicle and looking for the elusive leopard.


Dinesh, our driver/guide. Sri Lanka


Seeing an elephant in the wild never gets old. Wilpattu National Park


Love the haircut. Did you do it yourself? Wilpattu National Park


Wild chickens in Wilpattu National Park


Lounging around in Wilpattu National Park


Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka


Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka


Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka


Safari. Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka


5 thoughts on “Ceylon, Ceylon

  1. Looking forward to your tales of another grand adventure…
    Surrounded by silver moonlight
    On dark, soft grass, staring at space
    Trying to count the infinite stars
    Could life be more beautiful!

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