The Road to Kandy


Continuing our tour of the “cultural triangle” or the “ancient cities” of Sri Lanka we are making our way to Kandy with a few stops along the way.




This city was the royal capital of Sri Lanka for about three centuries.  Although nearly 1,000 years old, it is much younger than Anuradhapura. Although the ruins are definitely Buddhist, I sense more Hindu influence here (Buddha was a Hindu you know).

Those who have followed this blog know that part of my purpose of travel is to disburse Ray’s ashes all over the world. Each time I take a trip I look for a place that just speaks to me and that is where I leave them.  I found just that spot I found just that spot at the Vatadage in the Polonnaruwa Quadrangle.

In the photos above you can see the front and rear facing view and in the third on (white spot in the foreground) is where Ray is in both body and spirit. (You can click the individual images for more detail).


Reclining Buddha, Polonnaruwa (photo credit:  Joan English)



Buddha image, Polonnaruwa.  Photo credit: Joan English

Along the way we stopped at a most interesting place for lunch called Jaga Foods.  It was in a farm setting, and most of the vegetables were grown on site.  The owner was a delightful man and the food was very good.dsc01723dsc01721


Shrine, Polonnaruwa


Lotus Pond, Polonnaruwa

Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Matale

Continuing on, we made a photo stop at the huge rock outcrop at Sigiriya.  From the photos we saw of the top, it looked fascinating.  But with 2,000 steps, we decided that this is something we’d do while we are still young in our next life.



The next stop, and perhaps my favorite of the day, was at Dambulla where hundreds of Budhha images are placed in caves. At two hundred steps this was a much more realistic endeavor than Sigiriya. At the base of the shrine is a very large golden Buddha that was rather new.  For my taste it sort of added a theme park atmosphere to an otherwise very beautiful setting.dsc01771


Danesh and the Golden Buddha



The faithful reaching the top of Dambulla


Cave shrine, Dambulla


Buddha images, Dambulla


Reclining Buddha, Dambula



Buddhist monks, Dambulla

Our final stop before reaching Kandy was a gorgeous Hindu shrine in the city of Matale.  We had the whole place to ourselves and it was very peaceful.  The detail on the carvings is incredible.  I’ve always fancied Hindu shrines but I think the older ones exude a little more mystery and serenity than the colorful newer ones.dsc01814dsc01813dsc01801dsc01809












4 thoughts on “The Road to Kandy

  1. Randy, sounds like you are really enjoying this journey. So happy you are able to see the world and also that you are leaving traces of Ray in those places you feel drawn to. Stay safe, peace. Chris H.

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