The Streets of Colombo

Unfortunately I spent the last night in Galle and the first whole day in Columbo with Delhi Belly. While I (and those around me) was miserable for about 36 hours, I was able to get out and about today in the cosmopolitan capital of Sri Lanka.  I have another full day tomorrow before we leave late for the long journey home.

Temples and Such

We visited a Buddhist temple, a Hindu temple, and an Islamic mosque.  We didn’t get access into the mosque, we didn’t know until reading the guide book after we left and if we nicely asked the security guard he would have probably let us in.  However the exterior, in its own right was pretty striking.



Detail view







Paints used to paint the “third eye” (Hindu)



Pettah Markets

Perhaps the highlight of the day for me was visiting the markets of Colombo. It was a constant battle to not be run over by a tuk tuk or other forms of manual drayage laden to the max.  While all the active participants moved in a hurry and with a definite purpose, they seemed to tolerate our strolling about…to a degree.



Smile for me! (Or the mutton)







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