Placencia, Belize


The quaint little town of Placencia, Belize

It’s not that far, only a few hundred miles south of Cancun, but it feels very remote.  Placencia, Belize sits on a peninsula jutting out into the Gulf of Mexico about 60 miles south of the capital of Belize City. The weather is tropical, US dollars are accepted everywhere, English is universally spoken, and the vibe is most definitely laid back.


There were just four passengers on the flight from Belize City to Placencia.  I sat directly behind the pilot.


The plane on the last leg of our flight.


The Placencia airport.  The whole airport.

Getting here was uneventful except the last leg of our flight…Belize City to Placencia.  It was on a single propeller plane with just four passengers. Amanda and I sat directly behind the pilot and copilot, and we had a view through the windshield.  That was particularly interesting when we came in for our landing.


Placencia neighborhood


The main drag through Placencia.  Well, the only drag.

I’m here with eight other people to celebrate a birthday.  So whatever the locale lacks in sights, architecture, and art it is made up by the charm of the little town, the scenery, and lots of good companionship.

Amanda and I have a pretty cool house right on the beach and we’re here for a week with not a lot to do. So it should be pretty laid back and relaxing.



Good morning Belize.  The view from our condo is pretty awesome!





4 thoughts on “Placencia, Belize

  1. Hello Randy,

    This is Howard. I was poking around the joint e-mail account Andrea and I share, all in a likely futile attempt to stay ahead of the massive number of e-mails that tend to accumulate, that’s why I’m writing to you via this e-mail.

    Also still wondering, if you had made a decision on whether you want that Ohio document honoring Ray. You indicated you might already have one.

    Please respond to my e-mail, which is…

    We have individual e-mails because I don’t need to receive women’s underwear ads and she

    doesn’t need to read my clutter either.

    Thank you and regards,


    P.S. What news from Mike and Ann?

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