The Road to Ruin



The ball court at Nim Li Punit.

We took a chance to get out of Dodge yesterday. So with Cameron, our hired driver, we set out for the Mayan ruins of Nam Li Punit nearly a couple of hours south of Placencia. While I have seen more impressive Mayan ruins, I’ve never experienced one in complete solitude.  We were the only visitors and it’s amazing how that can change the experience.



Ray’s ashes at Nim Li Punit

The ruins were in a lush tropical setting and it was here that I once again left a little piece of Ray behind in this peaceful setting.



Clarity of offer.

After the ruins we headed straight to Coleman’s Café for the famous buffet.  As you can see, they are quite specific about what the don’t have.  But it’s what they do have that’s important.  Real home cooked Belizean food in a real homey environment.  It was really good and the homemade ice cream is to die for.



Lunch at Coleman’s

But perhaps the most ruinous part of the day was the time we spent at Yoli’s along about 6pm…and onward. I loved the hippie vibe there and it truly felt like you’d escaped the real world for an alternate universe.



Lori, Brian, and Ruben at Yoli’s



Ruben and Yoli



I saw this gorgeous lotus blossom that the Spice Farm near Nim Li Punit


Leaf cutter ants at Nim Li Punit provide a surprising amount of entertainment.



Nim Li Punit













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