A Test from Hollyweed


This is a test run.  From the conception of “A Radical Sabbatical I have blogged using an old Microsoft Surface.  While it has served me well, it is rather heavy to carry so on my next trip I’ve decided, depending on how this post goes to leave the workhorse at home and to try posting using only a small tablet with a portable keyboard.


As you can see I’m conducting this little scientific experiment from Hollyweed but on Tuesday I am leaving for points in Scandinavia.  Specifically I will be visiting Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Tallinn (Estonia). This will be my first trip abroad where I will be leaving from LEX vs. LAX.


Maybe it is just the learning curve but this posting already seems more difficult to create.  While the text portion of the blogging process is quite straightforward, getting photos from the camera to an online device, cropping, resizing, uploaded to WordPress, and finally inserted into a blog entry is a little more complicated. This is further complicated by the fact that my Android tablet does not have a standard USB port so all this must be done wirelessly. Furthermore, Windows has much better functionality when it comes to manipulating files.


But I am committed to trying to make it work. If this trip’s blogging experience goes badly, maybe there will be a new Surface in my future!

For those of follow me regularly please let me know in the comments if you notice anything materially different.

See you next in Amsterdam.




15 thoughts on “A Test from Hollyweed

  1. Looks fine. You might try File Manager or ES300 and you can transfer files using the USB if you wish. There are also some good image editoring apps for Android like Photo director…

  2. Hey, Randy, London’s not that far from Amsterdam. Stop in.We’d love to see you.
    Catherine and Terry

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