My Day in Rotterdam

Well, I awoke this morning feeling revived and refreshed and also with a modicum of courage.  Although this is my last day in Amsterdam, since I’ve been here before, no need really to visit a lot of sites.  So, on a whim, I decided to take the train to Rotterdam, Holland’s second largest city.


The Markthal, Rotterdam

While they are only about 30 miles apart, Amsterdam and Rotterdam could not be more different.  Where Amsterdam is like a living and breathing museum, Rotterdam is new, shiny, and glitzy.  Frankly, it’s not totally for me, but I could certainly understand someone who was interested in ultra modern architecture being drawn here.


A train station entrance in Rotterdam


Markthal interior

Markthal interior ceiling

The highlight for me was the Markthal pictured above.  It is an indoor food market with absolutely stunning design. The two ends are enclosed in glass and the surrounding shell has over 100 housing units in it.  The inside ceiling is painted in a wonderful food motif and is really eye catching.


Watching the world go by in Rotterdam

But in all honesty what I really enjoyed was figuring out the transportation on a combination of trams and trains directly to Rotterdam Centraal.  I did it without a hitch and I always get a kick out of that.  The countryside is really pretty here and I felt rather “worldly” as we stopped at Den Haag (The Hague) station.


Say cheese

I’m back in Amsterdam now with only a minor screw up on the way back.  Seems I got off at Amsterdam Slotenndyjk rather than Amsterdam Centraal.  I hear it happens to everyone. No worries, just wait for the next train…it was only about 4 minutes but it marred my otherwise perfect train performance today.


Hanging out in Rotterdam



Rotterdam Centraal Station


2 thoughts on “My Day in Rotterdam

  1. Randy, I find the building in that 10th picture [bikes in the foreground] fascinating. It looks like a comic book come to life.

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