Copenhagen.  I am finally entering the land of the Vikings and the old gods. Thor was with us today as we set out, in a rare bout of sunshine to explore this old city.


Nyhavn district is postcard perfect in the sunshine 

As I spent the early morning pouring over maps and guidebooks I was a little daunted.  On paper the city seems large, sprawling, and complicated. Both Joan and I commented on how compact the city actually is.

Our first order of business was to visit the Central Station where Joan needed to pickup a tourist discount card she purchased online. Thus armed with that card and my three-day transportation pass we set out on the Metro…in the total opposite direction we wanted to go.


Flowers of Christiania 


But that didn’t phase us, it barely slowed us down. We were bound to find Christiania, a section of Copenhagen that declared itself a separate country in the early 70s.  Its a quite large decommissioned military complex where people my age have checked out and turned on.  They just forgot to check back in. It was an odd place to start a tour of Copenhagen I suppose, but that’s how we roll.


Northern exposure


The rest of the day we spent basically stumbling upon the list of sights that I had made. It’s good that we did as tomorrow is supposed to be really rainy and we might be relegated to indoor tourism. For Joan that means museums and for me it means shopping. That’s not normally my thing, but I didn’t pack well for the cool and wet weather.


A Danish classic

On the way to see a famous statue of The Little Mermaid, we found ourselves smack in the middle of the changing of the guard ceremony at the royal palace. What luck, eh?


I love your purse, but I think the hat is too big for your face


We’re now back in our hotel rooms awaiting the arrival of Joan’s neice who is joining us from Berlin for a couple of days. Her flight is a little late and my feet could not be happier to get the extra rest.


Now these guys know a thing or two about bicycle riding


A Mercedes hearse.  Now that’s going in style


I know it’s sophomoric but I couldn’t help myself